What Chance U Triathlon Project


What Chance  U Triathlon Project
Team Bodyworks & The University of Brighton


What’s your challenge?
• Feel as though you aren’t receiving the support you require?
• Seemingly too far down the pecking order to gain recognition?
• Lacking opportunities and resources?
• Missing out on personal high level coaching?
What do we do?
• We specialise in nurturing triathletes who require a little more time to show their true potential and who have a real desire and passion for the journey to personal and athletic excellence
• We develop
Who can apply?
• Aspiring elite triathletes wishing to attend university as a student or Post Grad
• Aspiring elite triathletes not ready, or who do not want to attend university
• Aspiring triathletes who wish to continue their GCSE or A levels alongside their training
What’s the process?
• At What Chance | U Triathlon we offer triathletes a unique experience to help them maximise their journey. We look at the whole athlete in our interviews and look for true potential. If we feel our beliefs are aligned then we will offer U a place
What do we offer?
• The unique combination of a performance based club environment with high level staff in Coaching, Sports Science, Personal Development and Sports Performance Awareness along with experts in support services such as physiotherapy, osteopathy, massage etc.

Importantly at What Chance U Triathlon, it’s about you the individual. It’s new, it’s real and it offers you that unique chance.
If you would like to find out more please contact Stuart Wilkinson at stuxtc@live.co.uk or on 07590 851259.