TeamBW weekend exploits in Triathlon,Open Water and on the Track

Highlighted below is the the versatility of the TeamBW athletes with the results covering from Regional Triathlon and Open Water Swimming Championships to English Schools track Championships.
The South East Region Open water Championships were held in Chichester this weekend.
Some strong results for TeamBW athletes….
Kieren Lindars 2nd ( 1st in age cat)
Chloe Pollard 4th ( 1st in age cat)
Gary Brickley 1st in age cat.
Meanwhile also this weekend was the English Schools Track & Field Championships in Birmingham where TeamBW athletes Almi Nerurker and Bethany Cook represented Sussex in the Inter Girls 3000m and Junior Girls 1500m respectively.
More results from the TeamBW athletes over the weekend.This time the venue was the Chichester Childrens Triathlon and Aquathon. a good sixed crew of Team Bw athletes and followers travelled over to the event.
Tristart Oliver Smith 1st
Noah Simonsen Brickley 14th
Jasmine Beckley 22nd
Tom Davies 11th
Max Gardner 17th
Daisy Burton 2nd
izzy Smith 14th
Ben Beckley 5th
Jack Gardner 11th
Seb Rann 18th
Sam Jaques 19th
Alongside the triathlon was the Aquathon where
TS1 Freddie wallis 1st
TS2 Jasper Coldwell 3rd
TS3 Connie wallis 6th
Well done to all those who raced and represented TeamBW. Hope you had an enjoyable day.

Supertri Super Series Event

Results from the Supertri day of racing at Dorney Lake makes positive reading for the TeamBW athletes. On a day where it wasa great oppotunity for athletes of all age ranges to compete and watch each other from Senior Elite to the 8 year olds.
In the 8 year Fun race Ollie Smith 2nd
9/10 Boys Fun race Noah Manos 4th
11/12 Girls Fun race Isabella Smith 10th
13/14 Boys Fun race Harry Holdaway 1st
In the Draft Legal events
11/12 Girls Daisy Burton 6th
13/14 Girls Bethany Cook 3rd, Kaja Simonsen-Brickley 22nd, Hannah Miller 28th, Eloise Key 35th
13/14 Boys Edward Armitage 15th, Benjamin Beckley 35th
Youth National Super Series
Girls Almaz Neruraker 2nd
Boys Noah Canby 4th
Super Series Girls
Chloe Cook 1st, Chloe Pollard 5th, Abi Hughes 15th, Maddie Drury 26th
Super series Boys
Kieren Lindars 6th, Harrison Rolls King 29th
Hopefully I have captured everyone apologies if not. There was some very positive racing for many and within that racing and for some others there were very good learning experiences to take away and digest. Racing at this level its important to understand
” The level of racing isnt going to come to you it is you that has to reach up to it”. Hence what the training you are faced with each week is designed to help you with. whilst what you are requitred to bring is the
the willingness to work
the willingness to learn and
the willingness to apply