Top 3 athletic career highlights so far: 

4th Youth European Championships 2019 (1st in semi-final) – 6th Mixed Team Relay
1st Jersey Super League 2019
1st English Schools XC Championships 2019

What was the biggest thing you learnt in 2020?

It’s so important to look after your body not only physically but mentally too. Being an athlete mental health is something which can affect a lot of people and if I’ve learnt anything it is not to take that for granted, especially when your body is asking for a day off for being just mentally exhausted!

It’s not all about the physical side of sport!

Why do you love training at Team Bodyworks? 

In simple terms, it’s my family. It’s been my home for 16 years now and every new person that comes in, I consider part of my family and as “cringe” as that may sound I couldn’t describe it any other way.

Everyone is there for you not only through the ups but the downs too, it is an Indescribable environment and atmosphere that’s created by the whole squad and I know if I’m having a good or bad day it’s the place I want to be. There are so many people both younger and older, and more and less experienced than myself that bring something to the club and everyone learns off of everyone.

What is something you would like to changed or improved in women’s sport?

Women’s sports has definitely improved but its still not there yet with regards to funding and accessibility, especially in less developed countries. There does need to be an improvement in the range of activities offered to women and what’s deemed “acceptable” for women to do.

However, my problem lies within the media. what I believe really strongly is that I don’t want people to start watching me compete for any other reason than, they want to. I will do my sport and any other sport regardless of who is watching, that not what’s important to me. I don’t want new people to start watching me out of pity, or to judge me, for example: in athletics when women compete in athletics pants in events like running or jumping, I won’t see posts on social media or hear many comments about how well they competed, 9 times out of 10 it will be comments made on what they are wearing or their appearance. Then when athletes come back and say we are not wearing the outfits for you, it’s our uniform, people will then come back and start criticising their appearances and image rather than their performance.

People expect female athletes to have these stereotypical athlete bodies and create these ideals of what we should look like and if we don’t, we are judged. We loose to many good athletes to eating problems caused by the media and fans. That’s what I don’t like. That’s what I want to change.

What are you interests outside sport?

Outside of MY sport, my main interest is basketball. I love playing, I love watching it and it’s a great escape to do a sport with no pressure (I will watch most other sports like gymnastics and rugby as-well). Outside of sport I love music, playing my guitar and singing is a great way to relax and just have fun.