You have experienced international championship racing already this year, how will the World Championships  differ from previous championships you have been too? 

“Earlier this year I had the opportunity to race in the junior European championships and it was an amazing experience, from travelling with the team to racing abroad, it was so fun. The difference to the world championships I am about to compete in will most likely be the level, the best junior athletes from all around the world are getting ready to line up and compete for the title. It’s going to be really tough as there won’t be any gaps as every athlete racing there is at the top level, the course is beautiful and so it should be a really quick fast race. I need to be ready to adjust and adapt to different situations in the race as most of the girls I’m racing are older and have more experience at this level than me, I’m just excited to start gaining the experience and  having fun.”

How has your build up for worlds gone?

“The last 6 weeks or so since I qualified have been pretty tough, the training load and the quality of the sessions definitely increased and became more targeted to this race. Through my season I have experienced a lot of gaps in my training due to certain issues which has meant I had a very inconsistent training period, but I am going to take a lot if confidence knowing that I am in good shape as the last two months have been good solid blocks of training, very targeted to this race.”

How has TeamBW helped you in your preparation for your championship races this year? 

“TeamBW have helped me, not only get to the start line physically ready, but mentally, it’s no secret that going to a World Champs bottom year [Junior] is quite daunting but having my team around me who I can call and lean on whenever I need them, helps so much. A lot of pressure comes from having GBR on your tri-suit but what relieves a lot of that pressure is that I know wherever I come or however I do I will go back to my squad and they will all be there still caring and still proud and there for me. That’s what makes a good training squad. On the physical side I’ve had great training partners from Harrison Rolls-King getting me through the run sessions and Daisy Burton kicking my butt and pushing me in the swim sets, motivating me to get out of bed and run with her at 6 before college, to the Morgans [Rhodes and West] and getting me through long rides and chain gangs, having Jamie and Abi Bedwell to swim along next to; everyone has been there when I’ve needed them the most. I guess one thing that has made the preparations a bit less daunting is sharing them with someone else on the squad, going through the training and brick sets with someone else who was also going to compete a worlds, personally helped me a lot, however much Hamish has gotten on my last nerve, it has been nice having him to work with and excited to see how he does on Saturday:)

Having Glenn (dad) as my coach has been incredibly useful, no one knows me better than dad and so having him there always being a thousand steps ahead and putting together all the sessions which will get us in good shape when we stand on that start line has been amazing, there is no one I trust more than my dad and even though I know I have been a pain to him on SEVERAL occasions I could not have done this without him always believing in me.”


Wishing Beth and Hamish the best of luck at the World Triathlon Championships this weekend in Portugal. 


Header photo thanks to Super League Triathlon.